Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grilled and Marinated Tofu Tacos

Tofu Tacos

Marinated and grilled tofu on top of homemade flour tortillas and topped with pico de gallo and a side of rice and corn. I know that corn tortillas are more authentic but I have a hell of a time working with masa harina.

The tofu was from my previous post and was marinated in a chipotle adobo citrus marinade and then grilled. The marinade was inspired by the Mexican Smoked Chile Marinade on Recipezaar with very minor changes. I used chipotles in adobo sauce (the recipe doesn't state in adobo but I assumed it was and also used about 8 chiles or so), no orange zest, and added in a few tablespoons of agave nectar for some extra sweetness because I was too impatient to reduce the citrus juices.

The tortillas were basically just 2 cups (white) flour mixed with some salt and 3/4 cup boiling water, kneaded and then formed into a ball and covered with plastic wrap for 30 minutes. Then it was split into 6 portions, rolled or pressed thin and then fried in a dry pan on medium until both sides are cooked and have some brown spots. This only takes a minute or so, depending on how hot your pan is. I didn't bother putting in any oil since we were eating them all in one sitting and not storing any. If you want a softer tortilla and will make extra for the next day, then definitely put in a little oil or vegetable shortening (1 to 2 tbsps should do the trick). Anyway, this wheat flour dough is a really basic dough that can be used for several different things like scallion pancakes, dumpling wrappers or even wheat noodles. Super easy, inexpensive and made with ingredients that pretty much everyone has on hand.

The pico de gallo is something I've been making regularly for the past month to take advantage of all the lovely CSA summer produce. It's just diced onion, tomatoes, red pepper, jalapenos, lime juice, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of sugar. I would have put in cilantro but the boy doesn't really like it and we didn't have any on hand. Also, I generally go light on the jalapenos so that the heat doesn't overpower the sweetness of the other ingredients. So lovely and fresh that I sometimes just eat it straight out of a bowl like a salad.

This meal really tasted like summer. Such a shame that it's already September! Oh well, what can you do?

Lastly, here's a bonus photo of Smuckers. :)



Mihl said...

These look fantastic! I love making tortillas from scratch (well, actually I also have to.) That marinate sounds very delicious.

ms. veganorama said...

Thanks! Making them from scratch is way to ensure they are for sure vegan since a lot of grocery store brands have hidden questionable ingredients.

I am sure I can get authentic ones here made daily but that would require a separate shopping trip and in that time, I can just make my own. :)

The Divine Miss V said...

I still can't believe you made the tortillas. That is so fantastic.

And hello, SmuckersCutiePie!!!!

Natalie said...

Smuckers is so cute as usual!

ms. veganorama said...

Thanks Nat! He's so naughty though...

Amanda said...

i am speechless! those look so amazing! you should open a tofu taco cart. yes.

ms. veganorama said...

Aw, thanks Amanda!

Susan said...

Really. If you are NOT currently employed as a food stylist, someone has missed teh boat. Just sayin'.

ms. veganorama said...

Thanks for the kind words Susan! :)

I honestly think I suck at plating, especially compared to someone like Lauren at www.veganyumyum.com.

I generally try and put it on the plate without making a mess, take a few snaps and then eat it. Beyond that I don't try too hard because I'm impatient and just want to eat. :p I don't have fancy plates. Just one set of generic Target plates/bowls and 1 very nice vegan plate.

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