Sunday, May 23, 2010

Southeast Asian Inspired Tempeh Wraps

Southeast Asian Inspired Tempeh Wraps

Asian fusion is hot again. Unlike the first wave of Asian fusion many years ago, the focus lately (at least locally) seems to be Vietnamese and Korean fusion. Case in point. A few weeks ago, the Mister brought me home some "Vietnamese Tacos" from Horizons (they previously also served a Vietnamese bruschetta — I've made my own version of these too). They were less like tacos, more like wraps, a bit pricey, but were delicious. Really, anything with Sriracha and Vegenaise is delicious (try it with fries too!). After devouring two pieces, Bebe knocked the rest on the floor in attempt to steal some (he's kind of pushy when it comes to food) so I made a mental note to make my own version.

I didn't want to try and duplicate it at all but instead draw some inspiration from it. I started with some tempeh that I sliced and simmered for about 15 minutes. I drained it and marinated it my usual seasonings that I use for Pad Thai (1/3 cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup lime juice, 1/3 cup brown sugar and 1 tbsp chili garlic paste) and then fried it up and reduced the sauce to a glaze. I served it warm on homemade flatbread/tortillas with shredded carrots, broccoli sprouts and of course Sriracha and Vegenaise with a drizzle of sesame seed oil.

So there you have it. My own version of Southeast Asian tempeh wraps which are super easy to make and totally delicious.


shado said...

That looks amazing. You could also use banh mi toppings - carrot/daikon slaw, coriander and vegenaise.

Korean is really "hot" now ... esp in L.A. where they have a Korean taco truck joining the street food ranks.

Speaking of fusion, Vancouver has Japadog, a hot dog truck with Japanese toppings.

ms. veganorama said...

Yeah I could totally use traditional toppings but didn't have any.

Speaking of Korean, I need to make some vegan kalbi and bulgogi. And I'll need to try a vegan version of Japadog.

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