Saturday, July 19, 2008

Apricot Glazed Tempeh (variation)

Tester recipe for Joy Tienzo.

The original recipe uses seitan but Joy wanted someone to try this with tempeh.

While still delicious, I think I much prefer it with seitan since the taste and texture of the tempeh tended to overwhelm the flavours of the glaze/sauce.


Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

That looks delicious! While I love tempeh, the tan shade is sometimes not appealing, but this glaze takes care of that problem but making it a nice chocolatey brown.

ms. veganorama said...

This dish is actually much better with seitan which will be the final published recipe. I can't wait for her book to come out because her recipes are fantastic. :)

Erin said...

This looks mighty tasty. I like the lone baby carrot.

ms. veganorama said...

erin: the dish is delicious except it didn't work well with tempeh. Her book comes out this fall along with her basic seitan recipe which works great in this and many other dishes.

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