Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tempeh Wingz

Yes, I finally updated. I didn't bother to put everything in the actual dates of the dinners but anyway, enjoy!

For the latest entry, these are delicious tempeh "wingz" with mashed potatoes and corn. Recipe for the "wingz" from Don't Eat Off the Sidewalk. Go buy her zine!


madeinalaska said...

just stumbled across your blog.. LOVE all your fab. pictures and food! keep up the good work!

I myself LOVE Tempeh.. but, have yet to sell it to my hubby and kids...

take care

madeinalaska said...

okay I have been mulling this over all day want to a recipe exchange? I cant order the zine ... and maybe you don't want to order the whole vegan lunch box book? what do ya blogging e-mail is vegan325 AT if your interested I may try and photo the recipe as it is quite involved.... but ohhh sooo worth it!

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