Monday, May 21, 2007


Perhaps my 5 readers are wondering what the fuck I've been eating for the past week. Well, we just moved to a new apartment so no cooking for the rest of the week. We're living off convenience foods like Soy Boy vegan ravioli, Amy's roasted vegetable pizza, fries and veggie burgers. perhaps I'll take a pic tomorrow anyway.

Here's Shadow... close up! And Annabel in the kitchen supervising.


shado said...

Annabel, you're beautiful!

She looks like she's doing a great job. Soy Boy vegan ravioli sounds delish. What's in it?

ms. veganorama said...

The ravioli is here:

It's pretty good. Some people say it's bland but I haven't had ravioli in years, so I think it's fairly decent.

Deb said...

Oh, I just figured you were eating more gemelli noodles! :D

Looks like the move went well!

ms. veganorama said...

I think I might be gemelli-noodled-out for a little while!

The best part about the kitchen here? Gas stove! I haven't had a gas stove since I lived at my parents' many years ago.

girl least likely to said...

wait, what?! i'm so out of the loop!


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