Sunday, June 17, 2007

BBQ Seitan "Ribz"

Finally tried the barbecued seitan "ribz" posted here. I decided not to improvise and do it as instructed and they turned out great! Had it with a side of corn and roasted potatoes. The BBQ sauce I used was Annie's brand. I used original flavour on half and smokey maple on the other half.

Next time I make it I'll improvise a little on the seasonings. Also I think I will first bake it covered in foil and a heavy glass dish on top so it has a more firm texture.


Deb said...

I keep saying that we used Amy's sauce when we made it this weekend, but it was Annie's! Smokey Maple. ;)

I'm glad it turned out as nicely for you as it did for me! I'm definitely encouraging my mom to make this one. She was really fascinated when I told her that you can easily make your own seitan!

ms. veganorama said...

It was definitely yummy and we have leftovers too for sammiches or whatver else (I doubled the batch). Next time though I will add some "spike" seasoning into the mix and make my own bbq sauce. I did like the Annie's brand (both smokey maple and original).

I didn't grill it on a grill outside (we don't have a grill and we're not allowed to bbq in the backyard), but fried it up on a grill-type pan I have (non-stick with grooves). Worked pretty well!

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